In Memory of Ashton Johnson

The CloudDancer Scholarship was created in memory of Michael Ashton Johnson; a military veteran,  professional paintballer, excellent country dancer, and aspiring pilot. Ashton served in the U.S. Army and toured in Afghanistan. Ashton and his father Joey shared a passion for flying.  His favorite spot to hang out was his fathers hangar. He especially loved his fathers WWII Stearman biplane and learning how to fly solo.

About Ashton

Ashton had a profound impact on each person he met. Your support allows us to continue Ashton's legacy and assist veterans for generations to come. Read more about Ashton's legacy below.

What Ashton liked to do

What it was like meeting Ashton

Ashtons Character

Ashton with his brother Cagle.

Michael Ashton Johnson, or simply “Ashton” as most knew him, was born in Fort Worth Texas on December 03, 1992. His fat little cheeks started melting hearts from the very moment he arrived.  Fearless and rambunctious to the point of injury, he spent many hours getting to know the ER nurses and doctors, all the while nearly giving his parents a nervous breakdown. This trait became his trademark as he never missed an opportunity to try something new, all the while throwing caution to the wind.

One attribute many do not know about Ash’ was his love for animals.  As big and as tough as he may have been, there was always a special place in his heart for his furry friends.  Seemed like the more vulnerable the creature, the bigger his heart was.  

As a young boy, Ashton’s athletic abilities quickly became a distinguishing characteristic of his personality. There was no sport he wouldn’t try or couldn’t master in short order. From soccer to baseball, basketball, inline hockey and ice hockey. During his time time on the ice, he played for the Dallas Jr. Stars and Ft. Worth Brahmas. Watching wrestling was one pastime he enjoyed which led to him to give it a try. Naturally, he mastered wrestling – winning the first three tournaments he competed in. Finally , he found his true passion with sports in paintball. Landing him a spot on the roster of the San Antonio X-Factor Professional Paintball team. 

Feeding the baby goats on the Johnson Farm.
Ashton playing paintball with San Antonio X-Factor.

After high school and a few semesters of college, Ashton enlisted in the U.S. Army. Having recently competed in bodybuilding, he was well liked by his drill sergeants and fellow soldiers. Especially as they always found new ways to challenge him, and as always… he was quick to accept any challenge with a cocky smile and witty comeback. Respectfully thanking challengers with a handshake or hug, hysterically laughing the whole time. 

After the Army, Ashton’s social life soared on two fronts: flying and dancing. He started flying lessons hoping to earn his certificate and took up country dancing. His natural ability to succeed captured the skies as he was able to complete his solo in just a few weeks.  And the country clubs will never be the same as he lit up the room when he graced the dance floor. Ashton’s light burned brightly from his successes, as he touched so many lives with his unique kindness, his respect, his selflessness, and desire to do right by others. Fly High Ashton.