CloudDancer Scholarship Recipients 2022

Caitlin LacombCaitlin Lacomb enlisted in the USAR when she was 17 years old and has served as both a Logistics Specialists and Civil Affairs Specialist (MOS 38B). Caitlin achieved the rank of Sergeant, and earned parachutist “jump” wings from both the US and German Army before completing a combat deployment to Africa in 2015. Caitlin left the US Army in 2018 to start a family and has already completed here solo in pursuit of her PPL.

Alexander TaylorAlexander Taylor enlisted in the US Navy in 2015 as a helicopter rescue swimmer and SH-60 “Seahawk” gunner (MOS AIRR). During that time he completed multiple deployments to the western Pacific theater of operations including extended sea duty on the carrier USS Carl Vinson. During that time Alex personally participated in 2 real-world Search and Rescue missions and 4 life saving medical evacuation missions. Alex left the Navy in March of 2022 to attend Perdue University where he has already completed his PPL, COM and INST ratings in pursuit of his dream of becoming a professional pilot.

Michael MooreMichael Moore has served on Active Duty for two and a half years as a US Army Cavalry Scout (MOS 19D) with the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Ft.Carson, CO. Prior to his current active duty service, Michael had originally enlisted in the Tennessee National Guard in 2011. Michael is currently working on his PPL at the US Air Force Academy flying club. He is earning his PPL in honor of his younger brother who was working on his own PPL when he was tragically killed in an auto accident. 

William Francis enlisted in the US Army in 1998 right after graduating high school and served as a Paralegal (MOS 27D) for seven years on active duty to include deployments to Honduras and Iraq. While deployed to Iraq Bill was selected for Warrant Officer Candidate School with follow on training as a Army Rotary Wing Aviator and AH-64 “Apache” Attack Helicopter Pilot (MOS 152H). As an Apache pilot Bill deployed multiple times to both Iraq and Afghanistan where he saw extensive combat. Bill is still serving on Active Duty after 24 years and is looking forward to working with RTAG (Rotary to Airline Group) to complete his transition from military helicopter pilot to commercial airline pilot upon his retirement.