In less than two months, the Ashton Johnson Memorial CloudDancer Scholarship has raised over $14,000 with generous donations from over 70 donors. Thank you to each and every person who made a contribution to the CloudDancer scholarship. 

No matter the size, each donation enables us to provide more financial support to scholarship recipients and empowers us the ability to provide even more scholarships. 

Kaitlin Noyes, Tamara Griffith, Dawn Harbin, Sherman Gardner, Robert Higgins, Yun Lee, Ashley Arnold, Bill Peterson, Shannon Fontenot, Emily Horton, Dana Avery, Derek Wesoly, Aly Burkitt, Timothy Dick, Matthew Hood, Stephanie Hooks, Craig Voss, Kelley Arthur Box, Chad Delrossa, Abby Sheets, Isabel Guzman, Larry Bracket, Tony McAlpin, Cherie McAlpin, Jay Herald, Natasha Shcheglova, Kari Arnzen, James Lewis, Juri Marsh, Amanda Bereuter, Kacy Springer, Liz Brassaw, Kaye Powers, Joy Bate, Suzanne Arnzen, Carl Koele, Brian Anderson, Billie Wallace, Natalie Leonard and Chelsea Hay, Troy Welch, Robin Lewis, Kerry LaFleur, Phillip White, Janet Hill, Brian Messersmith, James Winkley, Vincenzo Arcobelli, Osama Salah, William Hinkle, Charles Welch, Linda Wise, Tres Cushing, Jackie McBride, Patrick Fitzgerarld, Dorothy & Kurt Schaefer, Jimmy & Marilyn Street, Michael & Linda Summarell, Paula Medford, Russell Wier, Reek & Daisy Ashcraft, Dan Sears, Jy’cen Loften and Carrie Baillargeon Strehlow.